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Recovery Housing

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Approved by Ohio Recovery Housing

For newly sober participants, recovery housing can provide time and support as they learn how to sustain long-term recovery. Jordan CRC offers Levels I, II, and III, We are certified by Ohio Recovery Housing and accredited by The Joint Commission.


The Jordan CRC Recovery Housing Program is a safe and sober living environment designed to help build a strong foundation in recovery. Residents provide peer support and encourage each other to remain sober and focus on a healthy and purposeful life.


Here’s what a resident can expect:


Jordan Provides Levels I, II and III

Level I: Level I Recovery Housing is democratically run by residents who live together like a family. Housing is most often provided in single family homes. There are no paid positions to run the housing. There are no formal supports, though residents provide peer support and house meetings.


Level II: Level II Recovery Housing is monitored by a house manager. Residents share community spaces and may have roommates. Residents are supported in accessing community services including treatment, healthcare, employment, and connection to the recovery community. Within the recovery housing, residents create recovery action plans, provide peer support, and participate in house meetings.


Level III: Level IIIs offer supervised living and have staff that are connected to a larger organization. Support services include life skill development such as budgeting and employment skills. Community providers may offer services onsite for residents. Peer support and recovery action planning are still the central focus of the support Services are time-unlimited and goal oriented.

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