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Jordan’s hands are on the plow. When you support us, your hands are on the plow with ours. Together we make the difference. So, are you Inspired to Go or to Send? Those who are encouraged to Go, give their lives, and provide direct service to fulfill the mission. Those who are motivated to Send, give of their resources to join with those who Go to ensure the financial support is available to serve.

You are our Champions!

Partner with us, BE the Hands and Feet that changes lives.

Do you possess the skills, education and passion to service women and families in crisis? Are you seeking meaning and purpose in an

environment that cultivates kindness, promotion, and faith? If yes, we’re waiting for you.

Open Positions:


• Clinical Supervisor

• Peer Supporter

• Therapist

• Outreach Coordinator

• Employment Specialist

• Recovery Housing Coordinator

• Executive Assistant

• Administrative Recovery Monitor

• Transportation Assistant

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