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Her Story

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Tenisha Gant-Watson

Founder / CEO

Do you know of a girl who dreams of going to prison, being trafficked or

being an addict? These outcomes are a direct result of poverty, abuse, and misguided trust. As women are impacted by these life changes, it alters the way she thinks about herself, others, and the world. Her children are impacted, her family is impacted, and the communities become a scary place to be reintroduced to. Tenisha Gant-Watson created a place for women to heal and establish relationships that break barriers.

Tenisha Gant-Watson is the Founder and CEO of Jordan Community Resource/Residential Center (Jordan CRC) and Phoenix Counseling Solutions (PCS). Tenisha has dedicated her life supporting women who are recovering from human trafficking, homelessness, re-entry, and substance abuse. Being a survivor herself, she understands the importance of peeling the onion back and healing from the inside out.

With expertise developed over her 25 years in organizational development, spiritual formation, and servant leadership, Tenisha and her team has made Jordan CRC a highly respected source of guidance in holistic recovery by utilizing healing centered care and processes that stabilize families.

Tenisha is a member of The Parliamentary Intelligence Security Forum (PI-SF). The PI-SF Task force on Human Trafficking is an international consortium of Parliamentarians, government leaders, policy experts and lived-experience experts who are committed to creating actionable solutions to stop human trafficking.


As a noted consultant and servant leader, Tenisha’s experience, skill, and accomplishments have granted her recognition and awards with other agencies such as, The U.S. Department of Justice Office of Victims of Crime in which she was invited to receive a grant award and sit on a White House bi-partisan round table discussion to share Jordan CRC’s success and best practices. Tenisha has also been featured on “Possible U” WKYC channel 3, and POLITICO during the RNC held in Cleveland, Ohio.

For Speaking Engagements Please Call (216) 376-4528
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