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Housing, Training and Resources for Re-Entry.
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Jordan Community Resource Center Offers Hope, Training and Supportive Services!
ALL NEW RISE Magazine "Beyond Circumstance"
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RISE Magazine is the latest and fastest growing publication in the women's support industry.

Hello and welcome to Cleveland’s hottest new industry e-magazine which shares stories, articles and special features about women in transition.
We lead you inside to the back stories and forward to the people and 
companies that make it possible for women to move beyond transition and enable them to stabilize their lives.
JordanHouse is a Transitional Housing Support facility that provides gender specific prevention and intervention services designed to support women in transition.

Its mission is to assist in the process of reunification of families, by helping women build a strong foundation in which to become self confident and self sufficient.

Now that you're here, let's get started finding out more about how Jordan can work for you. Each year the Jordan Resource Community Center offers re-entry women, past offenders, support, mentoring, housing, workforce, job placement, development and guidance. We also partner with other companies and organizations in able to provide a full variety of services for the clients we serve.
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JORDANHOUSE 90-Day Supportive Living
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(Women pose a lower public safety risk than men. / American Jail Association)
 Corrections policies and practices have largely been developed through the lens of managing men, not women.
(Gender-informed risk assessment tools can more accurately identify women’s risk and needs. / American Jail Association)
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